Global connectivity through advanced eSIM tech.

We love what we do

At our core, we genuinely love making communication effortless. Our drive comes from the thrill of transforming global connections with the simplicity of eSIMs.

Our working process

Our process ensures a simple and efficient eSIM experience, from selection to activation. It reflects our commitment to hassle-free connectivity.


RABONA is a mobile telephone company with a license issued by the Ministry of Economic Development and registered in the Register of Communication Operators.

The company provides mobile telephone services through its own SIM with 4G technology and coverage of the Vodafone national network. Rabona SIMs can be activated in rechargeable form for individuals and companies.

The brand is dedicated to the world of football and the development includes brand extension also in other sectors through the distinction of the two logos: RABONA® and RABONA MOBILE®.

With Rabona we want to make everyone's life simple and pleasant, offering innovative, high-quality services and products. ​The passion for sport experienced in everyday life with the help of communication makes the individual participate in collective pleasures. 
The goal is to have everything you need in a single brand where you can identify with a lifestyle. Fashion, technology and every sector we approach make the Rabona brand unique.