Common questions


Having issues with your QR code? Here's a guide:

Having issues with your QR code? Here's a guide:

      1. Confirm if your phone supports eSIMs. 

      2. Ensure your device is unlocked and compatible.

      3. If your phone isn't compatible, reach out for assistance.

      4. Avoid scanning the QR code with your phone's camera; use your phone's settings.

      5. Make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi for a proper eSIM installation.

      6. Install your eSIM at home for a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

      7. Remember to scan the code to install your eSIM but refrain from activating it for mobile data until you reach your destination.

      8. If the QR code still won't scan, try setting up your eSIM manually using the reference number provided.

      9. Note that an eSIM QR code can only be scanned once; check your SIM card manager/Cellular settings if you've already scanned it.

At Rabona Connect, we're dedicated to ensuring your eSIM setup is trouble-free!

What occurs when used all my data or surpass the validity period?

If you discover that your data needs exceed the capacity of your eSIM, the optimal solution is to replenish your eSIM card with the appropriate data amount to suit your requirements.

Can I use my SIM card and RabonaConnect eSIM at the same time?

Certainly, configure your device to utilize your SIM card for calls and texts, and your RabonaConnect eSIM for data.

Keep in mind that leaving your SIM card activated may result in data roaming charges from your network provider for calls and texts, both incoming and outgoing.

What occurs with unused data after my plan expires?

RabonaConnect eSIMs are valid only for the duration specified.

Any unused data will expire and become inaccessible after the specified date.

When is the optimal time to set up my eSIM?

While you have the option to activate your eSIM upon arrival in the country, please keep in mind that a Wi-Fi connection is essential for the installation process.

Is my phone "unlocked" and compatible with eSIMs?

Only unlocked phones support eSIMs. Ensure your phone is unlocked before purchasing an eSIM from the RabonaConnect store. Here are the details:

What is an "unlocked phone"?

Phones rely on carriers for calls and mobile data. Unlocked phones can connect to any carrier's network, while locked phones are restricted to a specific carrier.

How to check if your phone is unlocked:

  1. Purchase Source: If bought from the manufacturer's store (e.g., Apple or Samsung), it's likely unlocked. If from a telecom provider, it may be tied to that provider.

  2. Use Another SIM Card: Borrow a SIM card from a friend. If you can make calls or send texts, your phone is unlocked. Otherwise, it's tied to your provider and incompatible with eSIMs.

  3. Check iPhone Settings: For iOS 14 and later:

    • Settings > General > About
    • Look for "Carrier Lock" or "Network Provider Lock." "No SIM Restrictions" means your iPhone is unlocked and eSIM compatible.
  4. Contact Your Provider: If unsure, contact your provider to confirm if your phone is unlocked and for assistance in unlocking it.

If your phone is unlocked, can you use eSIMs? Your phone must also be eSIM compatible.