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Our users' data is an asset to be protected
Rabona protects user privacy by adopting responsible procedures and behaviors and complying with current legislation (EU Regulation 2018/679 (Regulation). Protection Data General GDPR, 

  • We collect and process only the data that is necessary, relevant and compatible with the purposes we declare.
  • We maintain continuous technical and organizational controls to protect them from unauthorized access, use, disclosure and loss.
  • We manage them, without keeping them longer than necessary and always guaranteeing your rights.

Rabona’s commitment to privacy and data security
Privacy, security and compliance with laws on the protection of your personal data are essential in the provision
of products and services that Rabona provides
The 10 Must Privacy of Rabona
1) Privacy by design:
Rabona applies the principles of privacy and security already in the design of its products and services
2) Collection of only relevant data:
We collect and use only necessary and relevant data
3) Protection of confidentiality:
We protect the content of communications and sensitive data
4) We provide our users with a clear, comprehensible and transparent information
5) We guarantee you the possibility of choice, asking and managing the necessary consents
6) We carefully manage and store your data, for as long as necessary
7)No unauthorized disclosure: we do not disclose your personal data except to authorized bodies or bodies
8) we design our products and services ensuring users can exercise their privacy rights
9) We protect data from unauthorized access, misuse, destruction, disclosure or loss
10) We protect the data of minors and strive to acquire parental consent  
The security of personal data  
Your personal data is protected and managed by Rabona in compliance with the highest security standards.  
Digital innovation requires a constant commitment to data protection, with continuous technological investments and training of employees who treat them, creating and spreading a corporate culture on the subject.  
Registration on is done through credentials (username and password) chosen by you, personal and non-transponsible.

Here you find the basic information on how we process your personal data
Who we are
The data controller of your data is Rabona s.r.l., via Zoe Fontana, 220 – 00131, Roma.
​The DPO of Rabona Srl is
Dr. Ilaria Salonna in via Zoe Fontana, 220 – 00131 Rome (RM). Reachable by email to the address: .Our services are conveyed under the trade name “Rabona Mobile”, which is one of the distinctive brands in concession to Rabona.
The policy of Rabona S.r.l. regarding the protection of privacy will be periodically updated and available on the institutional website .
How to contact us
To contact us, please write to:
Or to:
Our principles
We strive every day to protect your privacy, which together with the security and compliance with the laws on the protection of personal data is central to us in the relationship with our customers. On this page, at the review “Rabona’s commitment to privacy and the security of your data”, you will find the principles that guide us in everything we do.  
Personal data that we may collect about you
The personal data we collect and how we collect it depends on the products and services you purchase or activate, how you use it and how you interact with Rabona, even if you are not, or are not yet, a customer. In certain cases we may receive them from third parties if you have given your consent.

Rabona processes your personal data to:

1. execute the contract signed and manage your requests, including, for example, credit checks, processing of traffic data for billing purposes and traffic analysis for the correct pricing of offers/options/promotions that you may join;

Its legitimate interests, such as fraud prevention, credit risk protection, maintaining security and improving the quality of services;

3. fulfill a legal obligation, on the orders of a public authority, in compliance with strict internal policies and procedures to verify from time to time the legitimacy of the order received (for example orders received from the judiciary in the context of the provision of mandatory services for the prevention and detection of crimes);

4. provide services other than the execution of the contract, for example to send you commercial communications. In this case, it asks you for an express consent that will be optional and that you can revoke at any time, even after the termination of the contractual relationship.  
When we can collect your data  
We can collect them when:
– purchase or use our product or service
– contact us for information or support through our service channels
– register to buy a product or activate a specific service
– subscribe to newsletters or other services, including notifications
– participate in a prize operation, a survey or a loyalty program
– ships on our website
– download the MyRabona app
– you consent to sharing your information with other companies, such as our business partners, or suppliers  
We may also collect your information from third-party companies that provide specific fraud prevention and credit review services.  
We use cookies (small text files in your browser) and other techniques such as web beacons (small image files) when you browse our site. For more details on them and how to disable them, please see our “web privacy policy and cookies” on this page.  
Types of data that we can process
– Information such as your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, gender and email;
– Information about your account such as dates of charges or credits, subscriptions you use, offers signed or other information on the My Rabona app;
– Preferences for certain products, services and activities;
– Data related to the use of the electronic communications services we provide to you. Every time you use one of our services (voice, text messages, data) the network keeps track of the established connection (duration, volumes, etc.), the recipients of the same and the network elements involved;
– Data relating to your contacts with us through the contact channels at your disposal (call center, use, contact with our dealers, exchanges by fax or letter, etc.)
– Data from cookies and other similar technologies. For further details see our web privacy policy and cookies on this page.
– Data about your location, if you have given your consent. The location can be precise if you use GPS (Global Positioning System) data or enable related services or features, which allow us to identify nearby smartphones and Wi-Fi hotspots.  
We also collect information about how you use our products and services, such as the level of service you receive in case of network failures or other disruptions, including events beyond our control.

Private part for minors
No person under the age of 18, without the prior consent of his parents or guardians, may make purchases or complete legal acts on this site without the aforementioned consent, unless this is permitted by the rules in force.  
How we use your personal data  
We may use and analyse your data for the following purposes.  
Provision of the service
Order management and supply of products and services  
-Manage orders relating to the products and services you have purchased and update on the status of the order
– Supply of the product or service you have requested. It may include other services that use, for example, information about your location or that provide messages regarding changes to the products or services.
Billing/payments and customer service  
– Payment and billing management for the use of our products or services
– Answer any questions or reports about our network or products and services  
Messages of the service  
We may send you communications regarding our products and services that you have purchased or activated (for example for changes in contractual conditions, interruptions of the service or exceptional and emergency cases, such as in the case of natural disasters or other events and extraordinary situations, also in derogation from current legislation on the protection of personal data).  
Providing roaming and interconnection services  
To improve your experiences of using our roaming services, to ensure that we are meeting our commitments, to identify and manage any fraudulent use of our network (and networks of our roaming partners) and to resolve any technical problems;
– To understand how roaming services are working and if improvements are needed;
– To ensure interconnection services to the networks of other operators and to manage their payments.
Rabona s.r.l. can create aggregated and statistical reports that do not identify you individually to analyze, develop and improve roaming and interconnection services.  
Improving the service  
Improving and innovating our services  
We collect anonymous and aggregated information to improve our products and services. None of these analyses allow you to trace back to the customer individually or are carried out to contact customers for commercial purposes.
Manage our SIM and understand their use  
– Understand how our SIM cards are used, based on the different products and services activated. This allows us to improve them and develop products and services that are increasingly relevant to the customer, as it is personalized.  
 Marketing and Customization of Services  
Specific marketing activities
The processing of your personal data can only take place in the presence of specific and express optional consents that Rabona can request, such as commercial consent, profiling, localization and enrichment of your data with public information or from third parties.
If you decide to provide us with these consents, you may:
– always keep you informed about new products and services. The sending of commercial or direct sales communications can also take place in an automated manner, such as by telephone, SMS, MMS, fax, ordinary and electronic mail, video, wap/web banners, internet messaging, notifications or other similar methods
Such communications may be functional to programs and promotions and competitions, possibly offered. They may invite events, survey participation (you can always withdraw this consent and choose not to receive our marketing messages. For more details go to the forms section of our website.
– also receive information about products and services of other companies that we believe may interest you, provided that you have given specific consent to this effect and has not revoked it
– receive personalized offers based on how our products and services are used (including, for example, information about calls and messages, location, etc.) and/or based on information about you from public databases, platforms open to the public (such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) or third parties that Rabone may use to enrich your personal data.

We remind you that, in the event of revocation of consents, the same will be immediately transposed but definitively operational within a maximum of 15 days from receipt, the technical time necessary for the alignment of all the information systems we use.

You can receive personalized offers based on your habits and propensities for consumption or your belonging to specific types of families and/or groups. These offers are proposed to you using the above information only in aggregate form without requiring a specific consent, using the exemption provided by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, after having adopted the appropriate guarantees for customers and having implemented the measures prescribed by the Authority.
In the course of providing our services, some information collected (such as, but not limited to, gender, year of birth, province, etc.) may be aggregated and anonymized in macro categories and be used in a completely anonymous manner without your prior consent, to improve online advertising.

Aggregate and individual profiling treatments can also be based on decision-making and automated data analysis processes.  
Advertising online
To offer interest-based advertising, including online advertising based on the use of cookies, we may use the data collected through cookies along with other data we collect.

You can also receive commercial communications based on the use of cookies. To control the use of cookies and possibly disable them, please consult the “web privacy policy and cookies” curtain on this page.

We remind you that exclusion from advertising based on your interests will not prevent the display of advertisements, which will not be based on them.

We have entered into agreements with third parties (such as Facebook and Google), which allow us to inform you, through online communication channels, about our new offers in line with your interests.

Checking of identity documents  
In case of use of even indirect identification tools of the customer, holder of a rechargeable SIM and / or to verify its identity, Rabona may acquire information from subjects who in the public are attest to the validity of the identification attributes and allow the verification of identity documents (such as the Public System of fraud prevention in the consumer credit sector, with specific reference to identity theft, established by Decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of 19 May 2014). The information acquired is processed by Rabona only for the purposes of the identification of the customer or the verification of his identity  
Fraud prevention

We also analyze and use your personal data to detect fraud, abuse or damage to our networks.  
How we share your personal data  
We can share information about you with:
– partners or agents in charge for the sale and delivery of the products and services you have purchased or activated
– companies belonging to the Rabona distribution network, direct and indirect
– law enforcement, government agencies, regulatory bodies, courts or other public authorities authorized by law
– companies that provide fraud control services (such as factoring companies and law firms)
– a third party or a body to which such disclosure is required to comply with any applicable law or other legal or regulatory requirement
– emergency services (in case of an emergency call), including location
– business partners in case of launch of promotions / joint offers. These partners are responsible for compliance with applicable privacy laws
– companies carrying out on behalf of Rabona acquisition, processing and processing of data necessary for the use of services
– studies and companies in the field of assistance and consultancy relationships
– companies that carry out market research aimed at detecting the degree of customer satisfaction
– companies that carry out control, auditing and certification of Rabona activities also in the interest of its customers and users
– other telecommunications operators, for the management of networks and interconnection and roaming reports
– banking institutions and credit card companies
– Third-party companies operating in the Audience Targeting market
These subjects operate as Data Controllers or External Data Processors who from time to time are appointed by Rabona.  
Third parties we work with  
In the event that you have purchased products or activated Rabona services using a third party or a Rabona partner, you may need to exchange information with these subjects, for example to identify your order and be able to pay for the service directly to this third party. If we have a contract with a third-party provider that offers services on our behalf and that may have access to your data, that person may only process them to provide you with the requested services. These suppliers are appointed as Data Processors and have signed a specific agreement with Rabona.
If you have given the explicit consent to the communication to third parties of your data, Rabona may transfer to third-party companies operating in the market of Audience Targeting solutions some parameters of your customer profile (for example, gender, age group, common / capacity of residence, propensity to consume, etc.) to enrich cookies or other digital identifiers in order to allow you to view banners and online ads more personalized and in line with your interests.  
Transferring your data abroad  
We may need to transfer your data to other Rabona partner companies or service providers from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), consisting of the countries of the European Union and Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, which are considered as countries with equivalent laws regarding data protection and privacy. This type of data transfer may occur if our or other suppliers are located outside the EEA or if you use our products and services during your stay in countries outside of this area. In this case, we will ensure that your data is properly and adequately protected. We always ensure that there is a contract that regulates the transfer of data between the parties, in compliance with the provisions of the current decisions of the European Commission. If the state does not have equivalent data protection and privacy laws, we require third parties to sign a contract under EEA standards, in accordance with the European Commission Decision of 5 February 2010. The third countries to which Rabona may transfer personal data are Albania, Tunisia, Egypt, India and the USA. The updated list of these countries is always available on request.  
How long we keep your data  
We keep your data for the time required by law. If there are no legal requirements, we will do so in a reasonable manner with the purposes of their collection and with the consents you have given us.
We are required by law (for legal limitation of rights and handling of any disputes) to retain your data for 10 years from the termination of your contract. During this period, we may contact you to offer you the Rabona services, unless you have revoked your consent to receive our marketing communications.

Traffic data may be kept for the purpose of ascertaining and suppressing crimes for a time established from time to time by specific laws that protect national security.
The purpose
Conservation times
Administrative, accounting and fiscal purposes
Up to 10 years after the termination of Rabona services
Purpose of detection and repression of crimes
12/24/72 months, as required by the specific regulatory provisions
Retention purposes provided by legal obligations (e.g. the legal prescription of rights)
Up to 10 years after the termination of Rabona services
Profiling purposes and other automated processing
Up to 18 months
How we protect your data  
We have security teams that constantly review and improve the measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, accidental disclosure or destruction.

Internet communications (such as emails) are not secure if they have not been encrypted. Your communications can pass through a number of countries before being delivered, given the nature of the internet.

Rabona does not assume responsibility for any unauthorized access or disclosure of personal data beyond its control. In this you are responsible for protecting your personal information and your account and not to share it.

Our site may provide links to third party sites. We cannot be responsible for the security and content of these sites. So make sure you read their privacy and cookie policies before browsing us or entering personal information.

The same applies to any third party site or content related to the use of our products and services.

You can decide to disclose your data in a variety of ways, such as through access to social media (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) or using third-party services that allow you to post reviews or other information, thereby allowing third parties to use it.

Access through social media and the use of the latter are subject to the terms and conditions and privacy and cookies policies of the social networks themselves. So make sure to read them carefully.

Any updates will be available immediately in this section of the site.

Last update for February 2020
You can exercise the following rights at any time by writing to the box Rabona s.r.l. – via Zoe Fontana, 220 – 00131 Rome or by sending an e-mail to
You can exercise some rights also through the specific methods indicated below.
For more details you can also contact our Customer Service at 4000 if you are an active customer or at 0694800847 if you are a customer waiting for SIM activation.

Right of access to your personal data

You can request a copy of your personal data in our possession through the channels indicated above or by writing via PEC:
Right to correct or update your data
To change your personal data and those related to payment methods go to the My Rabona Data section on

Right to data portability

You have the right to the portability of your personal data from 25 May 2018.
Data portability means the right to view your personal data provided to Rabona s.r.l. (such as personal data, data relating to the offer or registration data on for purposes related to the management of the contract.
You can send the request through the methods indicated above or by writing via PEC to or, possibly, using the dedicated form, available at the bottom of this page.
The data will be available within a maximum of 30 days from the request.

Right to erasure of data

We only keep your data for as long as necessary to provide the service or legal obligations. If you believe that we are storing them for a period longer than necessary, first check that your contract with Rabona has ceased. To verify this you can consult the General Conditions of Contract on our site, contact Customer Service at 4000 if you are a customer or at 0694800847 if you are a customer waiting to activate the SIM, or send an email to
If you have not been a customer for at least 6 months and you do not have any situation of fraud or open complaints with Rabona, you can also request the manual deletion of your data, so as not to make them more visible in the Rabona computer systems.
However, even if so, we will not be able to permanently delete your data for reasons of public security.
You can send the request through the methods indicated above or by writing via PEC to or possibly using the dedicated form, available at the bottom of this page. The data will be deleted within a maximum of 30 days from the request.

Withdrawal of consents, change of privacy settings and right of opposition

You can always revoke your consent and change your privacy settings. In certain circumstances you may object to the processing of certain personal data by us.

To change your business consent, even after the conclusion of the contractual relationship, you can:

1. call our Customer Service at 4000 if you are an active customer or at 0694800847 if you are a customer waiting for SIM activation
2. send an e-mail to:
3. click on the Unsubscribe link that you find in the newsletters we send you

If you withdraw your consent, you will continue to receive our Service Messages.

In the absence of express revocation, we use your consent even after the termination of the service / contractual relationship.

In some cases we may send you marketing communications even if you are not a customer. This is because Rabona s.r.l. may purchase lists of potential customers who have provided third parties with consent to be contacted, unless their numbers are registered in the Opposition Register.

To revoke consent to profiling for commercial purposes, the location, enrichment of your data and the communication to third parties of yours call 4000 if you are an active customer or at 0694800847 if you are a customer waiting for the activation of the SIM or write to:

​ To find out what cookies are and manage them

To know all the details about cookies and find out how to disable them, see the “web privacy policy and cookies” curtain that you find on this page.

To contact us and to make a report

You can contact Customer Service at 4000 if you are an active customer or at 0694800847 if you are a customer waiting for SIM activation or write to:

To lodge a complaint with the Privacy Guarantor

You can contact the Guarantor through the methods you find here.

Any updates will be available immediately in this section of the site.

Last update for February 2020

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Cookie Policy
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